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Ed Noonan

This note renews a major goal of my adult life. I started some of these stories in 1980. I have kept up with developing them in the time I had. Along with these writings, I have kept an active life as a playwright and poet. In 2011, things slowed down when I got sidetracked dealing with my health and completing a difficult job at the Myrna Loy Center in Helena, MT from which I retired last fall. Now I am focusing on continuing these imaginative writings. In helping the readers sort through them, let me categorize them in this way. Most of the stories can be called “Young Adult.”  The stories in the The Good St. Dominic’s Cat novels and in A Busy Night in Bethlehem will appeal to younger children especially when someone reads them to the younger kids. A Field Guide to Heaven is a more thoughtful text written as a spiritual guide.

A new addition that should be up soon is titled Guardian of the Valley, which is an urban spiritual fantasy about someone like me in Helena, MT, who is an active mystic working with heavenly forces to protect and build the new earth around him.

The website needs work, and I hope that my renewed attention can be supported by the public’s renewed support of this work. Any donations that you make can help me and my right hand web partner, Kevin Casey, make this more user friendly and up to date. The readers and I can make this creative project successful and continue to bring my unique form of imagination to the world